Sancta Futura started as a blog on Google’s blogger platform several years ago when I began writing my first science fiction novel, which I called Cast into the Deep. This novel was intended as the first of a series that would follow Kate Malone and her companions to a new world of many adventures. After several drafts, I decided the story was “not ready for prime time,” and set it aside to work on other things.

Early in 2016, Kate’s story started clamoring for renewed attention. I realized that my original idea, to stop Kate from returning to her beloved home on Old Earth and instead send her off in the opposite direction — maybe forever — meant that I would not get to use any of the wonderful things I had dreamt up about Old Earth. So I began planning a completely new draft, which started about halfway through the plot of the original version of Cast Into the Deep, and sent Kate home, with her companion Perry Auslander. I intended to have Kate show Perry (and my readers) her home world; Perry, in turn, would fall in love with both Old Earth and its most enthusiastic defender, Kate herself. Then I would wrench the two of them away from OE — maybe forever — and send them off on adventures they had never even contemplated.

I was really excited about “Cast into the Deep 2.0.” The whole series was much clearer in my mind than it had been when I began CD 1.0. I knew what I wanted to do with Kate over the course of the series, which would end in an act of great heroism and self-sacrifice. So I began to write … and after a couple of false starts I realized this baby was not yet a-bornin’. So I turned my attention again to other things once again, and let my unconscious mind work through the problems that my conscious mind couldn’t yet grasp. One morning not much later, I woke up with the series entirely re-imagined, much richer, with more levels of conflict, and much more condensed. Instead of spanning five or six novels, the series would be a trilogy — shorter, but much more concentrated.

The original series was called Sancta Futura (hence the name of the blog), and the first three books were to be the Sea of Stars trilogy. But in its new, re-imagined form, I now think of it as the New Eden Chronicles. If you read some of the older posts on the blog, you may see these different names being used, but they are all versions of the same stories in my imagination. (What they will be called when I get the books written and published remains to be seen.)

With my renewed enthusiasm for these stories, I decided to revive the blog, something I’d been wanting to do for a long time. So I ported it over to a self-hosted WordPress site with a new custom URL where it now resides. Here I’ll be sharing some of the ideas that have gone into my stories in the Sancta Futura universe, as well as discussing speculative fiction stories by other writers. I think science fiction offers some very rich possibilities that have not yet been adequately explored by writers or appreciated by readers, and I hope to explore some of them here.

— Lisa A. Nicholas