LIFE CHANGES – the inevitable cycle of how we respond

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Naples Italy at Night

A dim lit road in Naples Italy

We make decisions all the time.  What to eat for breakfast, what projects to complete first, who to respond to last when planning an event, whether it’s okay to eat the 5 day old pizza sitting in the fridge.  It is only natural for us to pick the things we enjoy over the things we need or that are better for us.  Just like it is easier for us to, for example, play video games all day vs. doing the laundry, cooking your meal instead of calling for delivery, or taking a shower.  The following link describes the 1930 creation of the “Skinner Box” and should help you understand why you do some of these excess things you do, in this case, video gaming:
The Skinner Box – How Games Condition People to Play More – Extra Credits
Definition according to Wikipedia

Life changes or we change our life.  No matter if it is the weather outside, the unfortunate mishap with your boss or your best friend died the other day, your life changes constantly.  Sure, those are all different, but the end results are the same. You make choices around those events.  For instance, you choose to let the mishap either bother you and quit or to overcome this hurdle with your boss.  Now just because you overcome the hurdle doesn’t mean you made amends with your boss, it may be as simple as making the decision to never speak of whatever subject that had you two riled up to begin with. Or you both agree to disagree.   Either path you would make, would change your relationship with your boss. Now, you must live with those changes.

How do we recover from change?  Whether we are facing some unhealthy form of addiction towards gaming or overcoming job difficulties, the decisions we make next in our lives decides our recovery plan. This also holds true if you went off and married, were awarded amongst your peers or if you finally went on vacation.  Change is what we become when we choose to do something different.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”-Benjamin Franklin

No matter the decisions we make or how our course changes destinations, you must plan for your next move in this game we call life. It’s like driving in the dark, since the 1880’s, headlamps have been installed on vehicles; anyhow, it is up to us individual drivers to make the conscious decision and turn on our lights so we can see what’s ahead.

Curious: What event or people most affected you to change your life path?

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