PLANNING A BRIEF TRIP – business or pleasure, here’s a guide for both

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Make any trip worth while. No matter how brief the stay, enjoy that which is around you. Even if your stuck in meetings all day and only get a few hours to yourself everyday, make that time count, even if it’s just to go outside and take a quick selfie. No matter how many times you may go somewhere, no two visits will ever be the same.

Business Trip Planning

  1. CLOTHES for work, casual, bedtime and active ware
  2. TOILETRIES (don’t over do it, especially if work is paying for a hotel, those should already have some basic creature comforts provided)
  3. CARRY-ON basic entertainment i.e. Book, tablet, magazine/newspaper (there’s almost always some waiting period at some point in time, keep calm and read on or play your favorite tunes, just don’t miss your boarding call)
  4. EAT somewhere DIFFERENT.
  5. DISCOVER something NEW.

Sometimes you can’t break the monotony. Than think like a pirate! No, no, not the pilfer and plunder part, but the adventure and discover beyond the horizon. In other words, be sure to do your homework of the area before you go. If you don’t have that kind of time, pick up some brochures at the airport or hotel lobby.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Pleasure Trip Planning.  I know this is going to be anticlimactic, but it’s the same as the business trip planning. The only difference is the type of clothes you bring.  Sure, you could buy bug spray, sun tan lotion or even your 5 favorite pairs of shoes.  Just bring the essentials and 2 pairs of shoes. The rest, you can purchase when you get there. No need to add weight going on your trip, it should be the other way around for your moments and gifts for your family/friends. You may realize you didn’t need those extra things to begin with and if you did, the hotel or local stores will have them.

Q: NOW LET’S BE HONEST, what kind of vacation are you trying to have if you’re just stressing yourself out of all the wonderful things you want to bring with you?

A: IF you are going to bring half your wardrobe and a quarter of the appliances, you might as well stay home and vacation there!

Remember that a trip is only worth having if you can appreciate the scenery. If you’re too caught up in your work or lounging around the hotel room the whole time, you might as well have done a video conference or purchased a new comforter with bedding and stayed put. Live for these opportune moments, for that time will pass by one way or another.

Curious: Share a venture that broke your mundane business trip or your best 4 day weekend getaway.

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